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Cabin RIBs

The new default choice of small cabin sports cruiser

The growth of RIBs

In the past few decades Rigid Inflatable Boats have grown from being bloated rubber dinghies to being as fast as sportsboats, and so seaworthy that they are now the default choice for small to medium-sezed lifeboats, yacht tender, dive tender, military & law enforcement patrol/intercept craft as well as many professional applications.

Cabin RIBs

Cabin RIBs are one of the more recent growth areas in Rigid Inflatable boats. Increasingly large and plush, tne lower weight and higher cruising speeds of cabin RIBs compared to other cabin sports boats makes them an attractive alternative as a leisure craft. The cabin RIB is also now well established in rescue, offshore support, patrol and professional applications.

Cabin RIB manufacturers

Aquaflyte RIBs

Delta RIBs

Hunton Powerboats

Nautica RIBs

Naiad RIBs


Parker RIBs

Pascoe RIBs

Redbay Boats

Scorpion RIBs

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